StaffCenter: Terms and Conditions

StaffCenter is in Beta, we give no warantee for the use of this service at this time.

As a candidate, feel free to use this at will, we have no intention of charging you for listing your CVs and really you should consider any employer who ask you to pay as quark.

If you are an employer and wish to join our Beta experience, feel free to post jobs and hire through Staffcenter. If you begin to like this, you may make feature requests or ask questions. We will do our best to answer and make no guarantee to build in all feature requests, but we will try our best to solve your hiring problems. If you feel inclined to contact us, send an email to

Terms and Conditions

Our mission is to give an end-to-end seamless employee lifecycle management and so, StaffCenter + OxusHR OxusHR is the perfect combination for your business.

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